• Reina Kilama

    We work with the maximum care so that our bees are cultivated in pure and natural surroundings, providing us with the best products


In Reina Kilama we pack our honey according to its floral origin.
We make some of the following available:

  • Multi-floral
  • Thymus sp.
  • Eucalyptus
  • Forest
  • Heather
  • Orange

  • Products in bulk:
    Drums of 300 kg. aprox. net weight

    Packed products:
    A glass jars with 1/2 Kg and 1Kg. Presented in boxes of 12 jars

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    Dry pollen for human comsumption

    Pollen has exceptional dietary value, since it contains 20 of the 22 essential aminoacids rarely found in ordinary diet

    It consists of a combination of minerals and vitamins which have a stimulating and balacing effect on the body. They protect the circulatory system and contribute to the intestinal and cerebral functions.

    Products in bulk:
    Boxes of 25 kg of vacuum-packed pollen

    Packed products:
    A glass jars with 230g and 480 g

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    Laboratory and quality control.

    Reina Kilama has an equipped laboratory, adapted with the most recent technology in beekeeping analysis

    Also a cleaning and pollen selection plan, a packing and labelling plant, a besswax processing plant, a conference room, where training courses are usually imparted, two warehouses, offices and a¡n exhibition shop where we sell our products.

    All the products comes directly from our colonies with strict quality control and is packed according to European standards

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    Pollen for bumble bee production.

    We sell fresh frozen pollen for bumble bee production.

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    • Reina Kilama | Pure bee's honey

      High quality honey from apiculture areas which are away from big industries, cities or roads; hence, free from pollution